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Mar 31, 2010

Scenes from Seneca

A few metres east of Keele Street on the Oak Ridges Trail, north of King City, is a rivulet that passes under a narrow boardwalk and spills into a small pool. It is a perfect little scene, accompanied by the sweet sound of gurgling water. The picture below doesn't do it justice, so keep an eye out for it if you pass by that way. Beyond this spot today, I saw many Canada Geese on Lake Jonda, or as it's known now: Lake Seneca. Among the geese, I counted 25 Common Mergansers and a few Mallard Ducks. Away from the lake, I spotted three Killdeers and three Tree Swallows: firsts of the season. I also saw and heard numerous Song Sparrows. That's one of them, pictured above. I still haven't seen any bluebirds, but they'll be along. I certainly recommend the King Campus of Seneca College for birdwatching.

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