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Mar 28, 2010

Migrants at Cold Creek

I went looking for bluebirds at Cold Creek Conservation Area today, but they have not returned yet. I had to settle for my first Turkey Vulture of the season. The ice is off the ponds at Cold Creek and Canada Geese have returned to claim their favourite spots. The pair which I photographed, above, seem to have taken a liking to the island in the main pond. They were one of eight pairs, which is a lot for such a small pond. I imagine things will get quite confrontational in short order, but I also know that eventually everyone will find a spot they can work with. It's forecasted to be a beautiful, sunny, warm week. I hope to post a picture here of the first bluebirds of the season, some time very soon.

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A said...

Something about the colours and texture in this picture that I really like...