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Nov 8, 2007

The Grand words can describe it

Linda and I had never been to the Grand Canyon, until last week. Dollar-wise and weather-wise, our timing was perfect. As for the Grand Canyon, I find myself saying to people that no words can describe it and no picture can do it justice. The Red Rock area around Sedona was breathtakingly beautiful and the Sonoran Desert area around Tucson was incredibly interesting. Linda took the picture of me, above, at the south rim of the Grand Canyon and shortly after I got the picture of the mule riders, below, finishing a half-day climb up from the bottom of the canyon. That's Linda, in the third photo, on her trusty steed, Dusty, following our wrangler/guide, Angie, on a horse-back ride in the desert outside Tucson. What a great week!


Bigwom said...

It's about time you posted some pictures!

pebble said...

We tried a donkey ride up a hill of one of the Greek islands long time ago .. very much interested in trying this particular mule ride ..:)

Alexis said...

looks like fun can't wait going soon