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Nov 9, 2007

19 new species added to my Bird Life List

Spending seven days in Arizona, last week, allowed me to add 19 new species to my Bird Life List. I spotted 48 species in total, but the nineteen new ones were: Cinnamon Teal, Avocet, Gambel's Quail, White-winged Dove, Inca Dove, Greater Roadrunner, four new hummingbirds (Broad-tailed, Rufous, Black-chinned and Costa's), two woodpeckers (Ladder-backed and Gila), Chihuahuan Raven, two jays (Scrub and Stellar's), Cactus Wren (Arizona's state bird), Phainopepla, Yellow-headed Blackbird and Pyrrohuloxia. A visit to the Tucson-Sonora Desert Museum in the Suguaro National Park West was a great spot for birdwatching. Linda and I saw many birds in the aviary there plus free-flight demonstrations by some of the captive raptor and predator birds. Below are photos of two of the museum docents (volunteer/guides) with birds. The gentleman is holding a Barn Owl and the lady is holding a Kestrel.

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pebble said...

Adding 19 new species to your Bird Life list .. congratulations! :)