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Apr 10, 2007

Tasmanian penile colony

I had some fun this week with the folks at Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestlye Magazine. I gladly receive this magazine every month or so as an insert to my Globe & Mail newspaper. The April, 2007, issue had an interesting article for travellers to Tasmania. Readers were directed to historic Sarah Island where adventure-seekers could visit a penile colony!
I couldn't resist emailing Dreamscapes Editor, Donna Vieira, to ask her for an exact definition of a 'penile colony'. I anticipated Donna's informed reply, by offering her my own suggestions. Perhaps a penile colony was: (A) a Viagra testing ground, (B) a gay male commune, or (C) a prison for male sex offenders. I praised her good work and told her to "keep it up".
I received Ms. Vieira's reply a mere 15 minutes later. She had received my email in the spirit with which I had intended. She commented on the unfortunate error regarding the misspelling of 'penal', the magazine's high standards in striving for excellence, and how four pairs of eye's proof every issue of Dreamscapes. She also thanked me for my light-hearted approach and encouragement.
Apparently, a correction has been made to the website versions of the article, thanks to my alertness in spotting the spelling mistake. Too bad, as I feel guilty now for denying other readers the chance to discover this delightful typo.
Here's hoping you have a bright spot in your day also. Please comment if you wish.


Bigwom said...
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Bigwom said...

Recently I emailed Dr. Phil to tell him his stance on breastfeeding was immature - wow, your story is so much more delightful.

hector said...

Dear Sir,
According to
a penile colony is :

A Homurous gay name for a public men's room used for casual-sex or for chance encounters with other homosexuals.

SYNONYMS: clubhouse ; cornhole-palace ; cottage ; greenhouse ; lonelyhearts'-club ; luncheonette ; marble-palace ; T-room ; teahouse (of the August moon); tea-room ; throne-room ; trading-post .

The question I now have is what does HOMUROUS mean?