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Apr 6, 2007

Osprey back at Lake Jonda

It was -5C today with a wind chill of -13C. There were windy flurries over Lake Jonda on the King Campus of Seneca College. After an early thaw in March, which left the lake free of ice, it is now freezing up again around the edges. But today, April 6, 2007, there is an Osprey hovering over the lake and occassionally making a talons-first plunge into the the freezing water. I have not seen it rise with a fish yet, but I'm sure it is just a matter of time. In the interim, it withdraws to a broken treetop to rest-up for the next foray. I'm left to ponder whether the biological urge (eating, mating) is the most powerful of all nature's forces. (Internet photo by Bill Schmoker)
Please comment if you wish. BarrytheBirder


Bigwom said...

I meant to tell you...I don't see what the big deal is about your osprey sightings. The damned thing is chirping at me everyday in the parking lot at Seneca. As of yet she has not pooped on my head, but I'm expecting it, and that is the day we are no longer friends.

pebble said...

Wow! What a photo! :)