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Mar 16, 2007

The Wells Christening Gown

My new granddaughter Emondine Clare got to model her great-great-great grandmother Wells' christening gown recently and both she and her mother, Auralee, seemed pleased with the photo-shoot. The gown came from England in 1850 and has been used many times over the decades. This photo will go into the family history book I am writing.
I got lucky a short time ago when I discovered a branch of my wife's family that goes back 20 generations to the early 1400s. The ancient ancestor was named Richard Kingsnorth and he lived from 1434 to 1494. He was also known as Richard of Pluckley. Pluckley is a small village in Kent, England.
Now that I've almost finished my family history book, I've decided I should do some bonfide genealogy research so that I have some claim to credibility. I just hope the facts don't get in the way of a good story.


alliecat72 said...

When do I get to read this book of which you speak...?

Bigwom said...

Hell, no, we don't want you to go. More blog. More blog. Don't kill the spot!

pebble said...

Wow .. "great-great-great grandmother Wells' christening gown" .. I try to imagine what your granddaughter may feel when one day she looks at that very photo after she becomes an adult - possibly feeling amused, proud, loved ... There seems to be something magical if one attains a certain clarity of his/her lineage ... now you got me curious to know more about mine .. I know that my ancestors came from northern part of China .. well, for now, that's the limit of my understanding :)