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Oct 12, 2014

Oh to live on Birdsong Street

                                                                                                    Photos by BarrytheBirder

Alas, I do not live on nearby Birdsong Street in Oak Ridges.   My nickname/moniker may be Barry the Birder, but I live on a crescent, five minutes away in the village with the big name: King City.   As I stopped to take a picture of the Birdsong street sign (at top), two nearby crows scolded me for interrupting their scavenging.   Crows are not songbirds so their scolding was raucous, not melodic.   If I were to live on Birdsong Street in Oak Ridges, I could walk along a trail, for no more than a few minutes, until I arrived at Bond Lake (pictured above).   My wife and I have visited this spot and walked around the lake many times. It is a delight.

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