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Oct 17, 2013

New ponds attract shorebirds in King City

This is just one of dozens of new storm-water retention ponds that are, and will be, popping up all over the village of King City, as several large housing developments are underway after years of waiting for municipal sewers to be installed.   The pond pictured above is just south of King Road and just west of the railway tracks.   Several Canada Geese were in this and other ponds in this area today as well as a migrating Lesser Yellowleg (see photo below).   Many of the other new ponds in King City have also attracted migrating shorebirds already.   Many residents will be rather surprised I think when they start to walk the new trails around these ponds and see so many more wild birds than before.   They will be seeing all sorts of birds: year-around residents, migrants nesting here and other migrants passing through to nest further north.   Birdwatching in King City is about to undergo a renascence, I believe.   
Photos by Barry Wallace
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