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Jun 23, 2013

Baby hummingbird ~ one day old

Photos by Dave Kemp...

My west-coast friend, Dave Kemp, in Richmond, British Columbia, has been rewarded for his patience by the Rufous Hummingbird he has been photographing for the past three weeks.   The first of her two eggs has just hatched.   Number two egg should hatch tomorrow or the day after.   Momma Rufous was quick to start feeding her chick, as can be seen in the photo above.   Below, the new chick huddles beside its own hatched shell and the shell of its soon-to-be-hatched sibling.   The egg provided nourishment for 17 days before the wee bird hatched.  
In the photograph below, which Dave took a few days before the first egg hatched, the mother hummingbird is seen on her nest.   The nest, by the way, is only 3 feet off the ground and 1 foot into the brush.   There is concern that this situation presents some peril for the hummer and her nest.
Below are a couple of shots that Dave took at Iona Beach on the same day as the Anna's chick hatched.   The first photo shows a group of Caspian Terns and the bottom photo is a Spotted Sandpiper.   More of Dave's great photos can be seen at
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