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May 20, 2013

First wrens ever, nesting in backyard

For a number of years, but not every year, chickadees have nested in a bird box attached to our garden shed.   This year, for the first time ever, House Wrens have taken over the space and we are delighted.   They are currently filling the box with twigs that will fill the box almost to the top, leaving just enough room for a nest full of 5 to 8 tiny hatchlings, and the parents to feed them.   I have heard wrens before, of course, out in the fields and woods, but I now think one never really appreciates how loud they are until they are right over your head in one's backyard.   
Their song is a rapid, liquid, bubbling chatter and loud, often given throughout the day.   They also give a rapid churring note and rough, buzzy scolding chatter, a sound I have heard quite a lot over the past few days.  
No twig or stick seems to be too big for the House Wren to get inside its new home, once it has decided it is the right spot to nest.   It wiggles and jiggles every stick until one end goes in and rest is academic...a push and a tug and and it's off to get another stick.
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