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Apr 27, 2013

Are these the Seneca College Ospreys?

Photos by BarrytheBirder
After many, many years of supporting a large Osprey nest in a parking lot at Seneca College's King Campus, on Dufferin Street, the parking lot light standard was abandoned by the Ospreys in 2011.   It was a great loss to the many people who passed under the nest each day and observed the Ospreys bringing fish, from nearby Lake Jonda, to their offspring.   Now, only a few twigs remain from the former huge nest.   
  But now, high atop a 100 ft. communications tower, at the south-west corner of the King Road and Bathurst Street, in Temperanceville, a pair of Ospreys have built and are occupying a huge nest.   The nest is about 3 kms. from the Seneca College site, which was only about 30 ft. high.   I have no real evidence that it is the same pair of Ospreys but I am very suspicious that it is.   This means that once again I have three sites in King Township where I can spot Ospreys.
I won't be taking many photos of the Temperanceville site however, unless a can get my hands on a 400 mm lens.   In the meantime, please forgive the out-of-focus shots here.
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