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Apr 18, 2010

Sandhill Cranes and lots of ducks

I stumbled across a new wetlands area, north of the Queensville Flats, in upper York Region this week. I made a mental note to go back with my spotting scope and did so today. Here's an incomplete list of the birds I spotted in the water-covered fields and marshes, on the north side of the Ravenshoe Road, 2.5 kms. east of Leslie Street.
~ 3 Sandhill Cranes
500 Canada Geese
~ 8 pairs of Northern Pintails
A pair of American Black Ducks
~ 2 pairs of Northern Shovellers
~ A pair of American Wigeons

2 pairs of Blue-winged Teals
1 pair of Green-winged Teal
~ 1 Canvasback
1 Willet
1 Lesser Yellowlegs
Even with my telephoto camera lens, I couldn't get get close enough for any good pictures. But later in the day, at the Cold Creek Conservation area, my luck was better. Below are shots of a Turkey Vulture, nesting Tree Swallows, and a basking Midland Painted turtle.

A pretty good day, all things considered. Here's hoping yours was also.


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