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Feb 18, 2010

My least favourite month: February

I never knew I had a least favourite month, until this year. My friend, Pieter Thoenes, sent me a Daily Telegraph article by Horatio Clare who tries to make a case for February not being a miserable month. Mr. Clare quotes his godfather, a Welsh hill farmer, calling February a "little bugger of a month". Whereas his mother declares February as "crows-on-posts weather" and each one a hunched little angel of death, wishing illness and injury on every living thing, that they might take its eyes and tongue. Gosh, and I'd already forgiven Wiarton Willie for saying we were in for six more weeks of weather. The lyrical Mr. Clare suggests that February is the perfect time to heed the advice of Valentine and make a fire, cook some lamb chops, curl up under a fleece in the back of our cave and do what comes naturally, thereby producing a little Sagittarius in November or early December. Good Lord! That's why I feel the winter chill so much in my dotage. I was conceived in late February and born in early December (the 6th).
Actually, Horatio Clare has a wonderful command of the language and although he inadvertently prompted me to turn against February, most readers would probably be persuaded in the opposite direction. The website address is below. As friend Pieter puts it: "Barry, as a lover of our language, this is a beautiful article. Read, savour, enjoy!" Click on:
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also a big time of year for suicide