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Dec 1, 2009

First Snow Buntings arrive

It's December 1st and I photographed my first Snow Bunting of the season, today, in the Queensville Flats, north of Holland Landing and just south of Cook's Bay, on Lake Simcoe. There was a flock of about 50 of these pretty birds and I had a heck of time trying to get them to stay in one spot, long enough to take a picture. I didn't have a tripod for my telephoto lens, either. This one was at the back of the pack and kept looking over its shoulder as I followed it. There is some indication of its distinctive colour patterns and I'll get a much better shot in the near future, I hope.

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Living In Aurora Blogger said...

BarrytheBirder I been birding since 2006, however, since we have a new baby on board, I am very limited to what I can do. Never seen Snow Buntings before, they sure look like nice birds. Anna :)