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Aug 25, 2008

Young Hummers are about

I love this time of year, late August. A new crop of young Hummingbirds are out and about. You have to be be careful in the backyard because they are chasing each other and fighting for possession of their favourite nectar feeders (we have 6 of them this year). I am constantly ducking as they streak by. My friend Peter Marsh sent me some great photos of nesting Hummingbirds and fledgings a while ago and I share three of them here. The first one below is a newly hatched baby (the first of two). It is all of 3/4" in size. The next photo is the the second baby, 21 days old and almost ready to leave the nest for the first time. The third photo tries to give some perspective to the size of these tiny creatures and their nest by inserting a 2 1/2" toothpick and a penny into the nest..

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