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Oct 12, 2007


IN SEARCH OF A BETTER LIFE is the title of a family history book I have been writing for the past two years. I have promised a copy to each of my daughters as Christmas gifts this year, so I have to bear down and finish the job. I have one chapter to finish: the last chapter - Chapter 35, plus I have one or two more pictures to insert. It will end up around 300 pages in the current 8 1/2" x 11" format. If it ever made it into a hard cover format (which isn't about to happen anytime soon), it would be close to 490 pages. It's taken a lot of time and effort to research and write but I feel it has been worth it and I've enjoyed doing it very much. While I have dedicated it to my deceased mother-in-law, I have written it for my daughters and my grandchildren. The title page is pictured above, along with two photos, below, which I took this week of the 162-year-old Laskay Emporium (now in Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto) and the 148-year-old Laskay Hall (still on its original site in Laskay, on Weston Road in King Township). Both buildings figured prominently in the lives of several generations of my wife's family. The two pictures have already made their way into the chapter on the hamlet of Laskay.


Jesse said...

I'm hoping to clap eyes on a copy some day and get to the bottom of the 'Bruno Controversy'.

(by the way - stay tuned for Baby is our due date!)

Bigwom said...

I can't wait!

pebble said...

Congratulations for writing the last chapter of your book! Now, if you ever publish it, I very much look forward to reading it. Hey! What happened since we last walked the wood ..I could hardly recognize you! haha! :) [2007-12-01]