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Aug 28, 2007

Oak Ridges Trail at Marylake

Linda invited our new friends, Roch and Daphne, to walk on the Oak Ridges Trail this past weekend. We walked the Marylake portion of the trail, just north of King City. We began at the Marylake Shrine (pictured at right), walked around the east side of the lake, then headed north through the hardwood forest and over the Oak Ridges Moraine height of land. Oldtimers, like me, still call this high spot 'the King Ridge' or just 'the ridge'. Early french explorers called these hills, mountains. We ended up at the Pine Farms Orchard store and cafe (see picture below), where we enjoyed tea and juice. I explained to Roch and Daphne that the site on which the Marylake Shrine sits was formerly the site of the hunting lodge of Sir Henry Pellatt (of Casa Loma fame) in the 1920s. 70 years before that, Linda's great-great-grandparents, William and Elizabeth Scott, lived for five years in a rented farmhouse, on the same site. It was a beautiful day and I can't recommend this section of the Oak Ridges Trail enough. BtheB

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pebble said...

Hey! It is a real pleasant surprise to see our photo here! :) We enjoyed that walk thoroughly! Canada is a lovely place, a place very much blessed, a haven for many (probably for some, this is heaven on earth), isn't it? .. Within reasons, we've the freedom to roam where we want to be, befriend with whom we choose, express what we want to and in way that best suits us, and be what we want to be ...