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May 6, 2007

Two haikus

Does it manifest only
When acted upon?
Adjectives like maudlin need
newer nifty nouns
Daughter number two dares to criticize my later-in-life creativity by suggesting my haikus may be a tad maudlin and that I seem to be flirting with, or romancing, the dark side. To which I say: harrumph! I have therefore created the word maudlinopsimath. Maudlinopsimath is a noun which means: a person who learns only late in life that they are weakly, tearfully or mawkishly sentimental. She probably thinks I can't laugh at myself, also. Let's see now...a new word for over-educated whelp???

1 comment:

Bigwom said...

I'm not sure that I should deign to respond...and don't you have my lawn to cut?
the whelp