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Jan 26, 2007

My great-great-grandfather was a slasher!

My great-great-grandfather, William Cardwell, was a slasher! A cotton slasher, that is, in Preston, Lancashire, England, in 1881. So says the British Census of 1881. His two daughters lived with him then. Mary was a housekeeper and Catherine was a cotton weaver. Presumably, Catherine worked at the same cottom mill as her father. A fourth person lived in William Cardwell's dwelling at 47 Maudland Bank, in Preston. Her name was Catherine Hodkinson. She was 81 years old, unmarried, and a lodger in William's home. Her birthplace was officially recorded as the '...Moor'. How intriguing. I've discovered all this through a new acquaintance and, hitherto unknown, 3rd cousin: Marilyn Nagy, of Goodyear, Arizona. Marilyn has being researching the Cardwell family history for several years and has kindly offered to share some of her research with me. I hope to include it in a family history book I have been writing for the past year and which I hope to finish this year...more on that another time.
Marilyn tells me she and her husband moved to Arizona about 10 years ago to escape Michigan's winters and snow. Yesterday, it was 20 degrees Celsius in the Phoenix, and minus 18 degrees Celsius here in King City, Ontario. I envy you, Marilyn.
I see by my calendar that Groundhog Day is just a week away (Feb. 2). I'd like to propose that Groundhog Day be celebrated in Washington, D.C. this year, on the lawn of the White House. If, when George W. comes out of his den, and doesn't see his shadow, the war in Eyewrack will be over in 6 more weeks. If he does see his shadow, the war in Eyewrack will be allowed to continue for just 6 more weeks. Back in his den, George won't remember these supposititious rules anyway and the wheels to stop the war will already be turning. Sadly, this January fantasy is an early April Fools joke. I probably should have found out if Marilyn Nagy is a Republican or a Democrat before I wrote the above. I may not get that genealogical research after all.
The caption under my picture, at the right, says 'old dog learning new tricks'. Starting my own blog site was one of those tricks. Embracing modern forms of the traditional 17-syllable Japanese haiku is another. Here, for the first time ever, are my attempts. The first is entitled Minus 18 and the second is entitled Birdbox.

Mercury down
Frozen degrees shatter on the icy snow
Hard sharp sticks
Soft feathers and moss
Eggs then birds
February 2 is also World Wetlands Day. Ask a politician what his or her plans are for wetlands this year.
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Bigwom said...

What is this supposititious crap - sounds like something George Bush would say.

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