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Dec 31, 2006

Beginning a blog odyssey

Here goes. off! Thank you to my nephew, Jesse (The Wasp), for exposing me to this new universe...and just when I thought I had seen and heard it all. This is the last day of 2006. Saddam is dead. George W. is alive. I'm dragging my butt somewhere in between. I've just turned 65. My doctor said: "I got you this far, now you're on your own". It seems he prefers the odds of medicating younger people.
I have made no resolutions for the new year of 2007. As Danae noted yesterday in Non Sequitur: "Don't mess with perfection". Having said that, I hope when I awake tomorrow that the world is a better place. Have I made a contribution to that end? Have you? We're working on it, right?
Here's my haiku for January 1, 2007:
I walk and look up
counting a thousand blackbirds
I fall to the ground
A clear, classical image with precise humour. Who says haikus can't be funny? Don't expect this every time though.


Bigwom said...

Old man has a blog
What a strange and fun New Year
My head still hurts though

Jesse said...

Glad I could be of inspiration! It looks good and can be a lot of fun. I'm hoping to see some bird-stuff up here sometime. (And when I say bird-stuff, I mean birding information, not guano)

Murray Skinner said...

Who says you can't teach new tricks to old dogs?
Barry the Luddite becomes Barry the Blogger!

Sandra Althoff said...

A great blog, Barry - those two little cuties have turned you into a renaissance man.

This is almost a piece of art - if Hemingway was into graphics his blog would look and read like this.

pebble said...

I just finished reading your blog from the most recent one to this one. I enjoyed it thouroughly. Congratulations! Barry! You're a very good story teller .. has a passion for nature .. excellent sense of humour ... above all, you radiates love and you're surrounded by it. My compliment! :) Glad to have crossed path with you both.

Roch [2007-07-21-22:00]